Who are The Love Junkies?

The Love Junkies are Tina Ribena, Harvey Eggington, Matt Shepherd, Rosie Mark, Eloise Smith, Nathan Dawe, Tom Clare and Dave Patrick.

Meet The Love Junkies

Tina Ribena

Tina Ribena – Vocals

Matt Shepherd

Matt Shepherd – Bass

Harvey Eggington

Harvey Eggington – Vocals

Rosie Mark

Rosie Mark – Vocals

Tom Clare

Tom Clare – Drums

Eloise Smith

Eloise Smith – Vocals

Dave Patrick

Dave Patrick – Guitar, Backing Vocal

Nathan Dawe

Nathan Dawe – Bass Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocal

Our LJs Alumni – players to have paved the way…

Rox Clayton-Scott – Vocals

Marcus Bishop – Drums / Backing vocal

Andee Price – Bass / Backing Vocal

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Guitar, Bass, Drums

Andy Doble

Andy Doble


Jake Willson

Jake Willson

Guitar, Bass

Ben Ashby

Ben Ashby


Dudley Ross

Dudley Ross


Wall of fame. Other deputee’s to play with the band include…

  • Rachel Lowrie – Vocal | MySpace
  • Dudley Ross – Guitar
  • Julian Landymore – Saxophone
  • Neil Waters – Trumpet
  • Richard Ansell – Keys
  • Len Pritchard – Keys
  • KayJay – Vocal | Website
  • Steve Hall – Bass
  • Doug Quinn – Vocal | Website
  • Steve Hynes – Drums
  • Tony Rico – Saxophone
  • Karen Straw – Trumpet | Website

A brief history

The Love Junkies were formed in 2000 when singer and drummer team, Rox Clayton Scott and Marcus Bishop partnered up with Silent Prayers guitarist Dave Patrick and Speakeasy bass player, Nathan Dawe. Combined with a small brass section the band went on to play a number of successful function gigs. In 2001, the band landed a residency at Studio 41 in Canterbury.

At that time Chris Wong joined the band on guitar to fulfil the club gigs as a trio. As the function gigs came piling in, Dave joined up for the residency, Chris moved to Bass guitar and the established classic 4 piece line-up of the band was set. 2002 was the year it all took off. Since then the band have been playing constantly, with gigs more or less every weekend, moreso during the summer months.

The mission was always the strong and overwhelming desire to get out there and play good classic music, soulfully, authentically and without the theatricals (i.e. no makeup, wigs, hairy chests, medallions and bs).

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The band usually like to perform with as many musicians as possible, usually the core 5 piece with 2 brass  and keyboard. Line-ups are flexible to suit the event and can be tailored depending on space and budget.

For more info on line-up, see our FAQ section.

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