Finchingfield, Essex – 5 piece (B6239) 21.05.2010 18:30 BST

Spains Hall Road Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex CM7 4NJ

Function Junction gig: B6239 DJ service is required Important: We are required to plug into the house PA system (see below) Spains Hall PA System All bands and discos are required to use the in house PA system. This is due to licensing and environmental health regulations. Directions For Use Bands without sound engineers and DJs Your mixeroutputs need to be fed into two female XLR cannon inputs number 23 and 24 on the wall. Slave amps have a preset max volume and are situated in the loft. Bands with sound engineers A multicore cable is installed in thevenue which allows sources to be connected on the rear wall of the stage and the mixer located in the opposite corner of the hall. There are 16 female XLR (cannon) input sockets and 6 male XLR (cannon) returns on the stage wall. at the mixer location the multicore has 16 male XLR cannons and six returns female XLR cannons to plug into your mixing desk plus two female XLR outputs to the in-house amp system. Speaker System Two Peavey bass bins and two Peavey mid range/hf cabs with stands and leads are provided and these plug into the wall. There are no monitors or monitor amplifiers supplied so please be sure to bring these with you if appropriate or bring powered monitors.

Marcus Bishop;; Dave Patrick; Roxane Bishop; Andy Doble

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