At Dover Cruise Terminal

This is not the end of The Junkies, however it is the end of an era. Last night at the Dover Cruise Terminal we said goodbye to our founder members, Rozz and Marcus as the pair stepped down from the band to concentrate on their solo material.

The last Love Junkies gig before Christmas, and we’re stepping into it, big time, at the beautiful Science Theatre in Salomons Estate writes Jake Willson Christmas is definitely in the air: people are dressing up for parties, wrapping presents, drinking heavily and stuffing big fat birds (oo er). Among the bustle of Christmas fayre, one facet of […]

On Saturday we got to play at Poppies, Camden Town, a most excellent fish n chips emporium that expanded out of Spitalfields last year. The premise is fairly simple, music, fish n chips and dancing. Sounds kinda weird but it works. We found some hats. A French John Travolta and the diners were lovin’ the […]

Wifi passwords. Sheesh. I don’t know how many gigs we’ve been to where there’s a wifi connection, but they just never work. Got us thinking about why the hell this is? Why isn’t it as simple as plugging into the mains? Why does there always need to be a sodding password!?  Tonight’s delightful cipher is […]

Earlier this month The Love Junkies convened at Anchor Baby in deepest darkest Kent to shoot a new show reel. The aim of the game, to shoot a video capturing the heart of the band live, showing as informally as possible the musicianship, personality and look of the band, whilst showcasing the best new contemporary […]

Come and like our page at The Love Junkies would like to thank everyone who’s helped us boost our Facebook ‘likes’ up to well over 250. This post is an acknowledgement to everyone who’s taken a few moments to like our fan page. Moreover, we wanted to explain why this is important to us. […]