Get your (High) Rocks off

The Love Junkies play High Rocks Hotel, Sun 13th Sept 2009

As Sunday weddings go, this one was pretty darn good. The venue, High Rocks hotel, Tunbridge Wells was a suitably fine hotel. Absolutely lovely setting, over three floors, with a steam train to boot to take the guests round on a jolly (albeit in the dark) whilst the band were getting set-up. The function room was great too – a real dream for the band and nice sounding to boot.
What made the night though, was the guests. Coming back to the point about Sunday weddings and without wanting to generalise, in our experience they are a bit quieter. The spectre of Monday morning hangs over people’s heads, usually forcing them to call it a night at 10. Not so with this lot.
Claire and Pete, lead their guests partying into the early hours and for that we salute them. Especially, when they enjoyed themselves as much as this lot did.
So if the wedding is anything to go by, we reckon these two are going to have a fun life. Thanks again to the (mainly Italian) staff, who were a jolly bunch. Giving us some comedy moments as they anticipated our food and drinks orders with Derren Brown like accuracy.

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