Inn on the Lake

These days +The Love Junkies blog posts may be something of a rarity. That’s not to say we don’t have anything to share… if anything we have too much. Even after we’ve cleaned it up a bit. It’s just that, well the prose has been lacking of late. Finding an angle, phrasing it right, getting our story across in a humorous, slightly self deprecating but endearing way. Well, you know. At least you do if you write a blog yourself.
‘Tonight’ Live! A blurry photo from Inn on the Lake
Try we must however, as we absolutely know just how much the fan base loves to hear about our ‘adventures on the road’. In fact only last week we received a letter addressed to ‘The Band’ at Love Junkies Towers (we hope at least it was meant for us anyway).

Dear Love, 

I am writing because I am sad. It’s been far too long since you’ve posted an update to your blog. As an avid subscriber I’ve been missing out on your news, sure I’ve subscribed to your Facebook feed ( and receive some excitement via your sporadic posts. Least I hope it’s you as there seem to be a load of Love Junkies on FB now? But – and this is the big ‘but’, I much more enjoy when you post something a little more considered. So where are the adventures? What have you been up to of late? How have the weddings been treating you this season? Has Mr Big from Big Records been to see you and signed up Rozz as is her destiny? No? Shame.

Anyway. More of the same please. I love you but please don’t desert your loyal readership.

S. Tone (Mrs) Woking

Fair enough. Can you argue with that? Hmm. In the meantime, the band are playing at Inn on the Lake, Silvermere tonight. We’ll be sure to let you know right here if anything happens. And if it doesn’t… well I guess Dave will spin some non-event based blurb anyway which will serve to keep up with the social tide.

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