Love Junkies on Tour: Part 2 Guernsey

Love Junkies – Guernsey 19th June, Dave, Rachel, Marcus & Chris

Did you know the Love Junkies travel? If the last two gigs have been anything to go by this would seem to be becoming a habit. Have van, will travel, etc. And so it was, on a Thursday night in June, driving from St Albans via Folkestone via Lyme Regis to Weymouth and then getting the very early Condor Ferries to St Peter Port on Friday, Dave managed to land the gear on Guernsey. 

All in all a 16 hour driving marathon (with just a few hours kip) to get the gear to quite the most fantastic wedding venue and marquee we’ve seen. The wedding of Charlotte and Frederic was arranged in advance and booked via our agents, Function Junction. Rozz was unable to do the gig because of her fear of Turboprop aircraft and Hydrofoils (though don’t be put off, she’s okay with 747’s and the Channel Tunnel) so cue Rachel on vocals, our regular dep. The rest of the band lined up as usual.

On what must’ve been the sunniest weekend of the year, The Love Junkies first visit to Guernsey, the World Cup and a couple of nights in a really sweet little hotel, La Colinette (great food, wow!) well, what a peach of a gig. This was also a fantastic chance to kick our feet up and relax. Well for Dave anyway who took on the driving duties and transported the PA with help from Suzy. Marcus, Chris and Rachel flew over from Gatwick on Saturday. The get in was really helped by one of the friendliest co-ordinator’s we’ve ever met. With the help of his quad bike and roadying skills we were well looked after. Thank-you Simon, from all of us.

The wedding, kicked off finally at 9pm. We were hidden behind a curtain which was dropped to reveal the band and chess board dance floor. Glitter ball as well – nice touch! Bride and Groom got onto the dance floor and we kicked off. Which was just as well as Marcus was holding back a sick bug and had thrown up moments before the gig. Not that we’d shared that, some things are best kept backstage…  he managed to make it through the night though, hats off mate!

Not to mention the French guest, who kept on pestering us to let him ‘plug in my iPod‘.

So we like Guernsey, actually we really like Guernsey and despite the drive would be more than happy to go back. It wasn’t until 1am on Monday morning that Dave finally got to get to bed, but what a chilled weekend. Love it.

Moving the gear by Quad Bike
Sark and Herm from the North coast of the island

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