Old Kent Barn, Swingfield – 5 piece (LJNK157) 26.06.2010 18:00 BST

The Old Kent Barn, Smersole Farm Swingfield, Dover, CT157JF

Guitar dep and keys dep required. Emma Howarth and Steven Cook CD of first dance will be provided Band DJ service in between Eveningparty due to start at 7pm First dance at 8pm then band until 9pm. Second set 10-11pm. Ban DJ service until midnight. Food: Evening BBQ is availableto band * From Client * Here are a few of our favourite songs from your playlist night fever dancing queen play that funky music celebration aint no stoppin us now good times boogy nights get down on it rock with you american boy valerie i want you back thinking of you emma howarth + steve cook

Andy Doble; Chris Wong; Dave Patrick; Roxane Bishop; Marcus Bishop; thumbassalina@hotmail.com; rich@richardansell.com

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