The love and pain that goes into a new website

The first website we produced for The Love Junkies was back in 2002. It was a small affair which fitted nicely into a 640×480 pixel screen. It was red, had a nice logo and got to the point.

The point of course, that we are a great band who should be hired by you – the function band demanding public ;-). The old site had a gig list, a contact form and some audio samples, job done. People would occassionally comment on how easy it was to use and how it spoke volumes about the band. More to the point, we certainly got lots of gigs and enquiries from it.

Fast forward though, to 2009 and the need for the band to produce a new site has been stronger than ever. With the new social networking revolution sweeping the internet, viewers are used to swankier websites and slick user interfaces. They won’t stand for second best, they want the moon-on-a-stick and they want it now.

Of course for bands like us, well, you have to have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter feed and a Blog at the bare minimum. You’ve also got no excuses to not showcase your stuff for people to listen, watch and find out about. Given all that we simply had to update the site. So with a tear in our eye we say goodbye to the ‘old red’ site and welcome it’s more colourful and dynamic replacement.

Our new website is here. It’s been nearly a year in the making. Let us know what you think.

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