Why The Love Junkies ‘like’ Facebook (er, currently)

Come and like our page at www.facebook.com/thelovejunkies
The Love Junkies would like to thank everyone who’s helped us boost our Facebook ‘likes’ up to well over 250. This post is an acknowledgement to everyone who’s taken a few moments to like our fan page.

Moreover, we wanted to explain why this is important to us.
The band have been focussing recently on improving the way we get enquiries for gigs. Traditionally it’s been a mix of print advertising (Wedding magazines), Directories, Google AdWords and recommendations. It’s always been the latter though, that’s got us the bulk of our work and we don’t shy away from this fact. People see us at a party or a friend’s/ family member’s wedding and it goes on from there… we get a call or email which we then hopefully turn into a booking.
Recently, we’ve been seeing a diminishing return on our investment with Google AdWords. We thought a spend of a few hundred per month would have been good enough as it’s pretty much all we can afford. 
We used to be able to see the return and we could freely attribute gigs to Google. However there seems to have been a shift. In the last few months it’s just not been financially viable for us as a band and it feels like we’re just putting our hard-earned money down the drain. Now we know and freely admit there’s a lot that can be done with SEO and optimisation these days, but it can be really all time-consuming. That’s why we turned our attention to Facebook and the acquisition of ‘likes’ backed up by a paid Facebook campaign to remind folks of the band’s existence. In essence getting in touch with our client base. 
If every bride and groom, party organiser or reveller had given us a ‘like’ since we first started playing we’d be up in the thousands of likes – now that truly would be an amazing network and of course we wish we’d put in a bit more time to do this. But as everyone’s on Facebook now, we wanted to make sure we’re easy to find should any of our ‘likers’ want to share a recommendation.  
A bit like the ‘Kevin Bacon – degrees of separation game’, it means we could have a huge reach. However, all we really want to do is be ‘in the reckoning’ to people who are looking for a good band. Whether for a wedding, party or general shindig.
Why Facebook instead of LinkedIn? Good point, maybe, but in the entertainment industry LinkedIn just feels a bit more stuffy and business orientated. We need to keep in touch on a more social level.
It’s also a great chance to keep in touch with venues we’ve played at. It’s also a lot easier to do the updating and content management legwork on FB than to actually do it on your own website (sshh, don’t tell Zuckerberg). That’s not to say we’ll stop updating our site, we’ll just find new ways of doing it.
Also an important thing about The Love Junkies FB page is it’s a diary, a chance to keep in touch, post up pictures, audio and video content and get something of our personality over. So, since the start of October we’ve been trailing advertising with FB instead of Google. 
Our goal over the coming year is to get up to 1,000 likes.
So if you’ve seen us, or we’ve played for you. Please ‘like’ us. We’d rather get work this way, through recommendations. And as a sweetener if you do want to book us and are on our ‘like’ list we’ll do you a 10% discount.
As with most things on the Internet these days, it changes so fast we reserve the right to completely change our mind about Facebook and advertising. It’ll probably all be different in a few months.
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