Big hand for the band, yaboosucks to the M25

Sunday. It was a day that had we known what was waiting for us, could’ve struck fear into all of our hearts. As it was though, I am able to write this knowing that our duties despatched, The Love Junkies rose through the storm to deliver.

With Rox and Marcus taking a well earned break in France, Chris and Dave were prompted to come out with a little bit of Dunkirk spirit and put together a slightly amended band line-up. A line-up we should add that not only held its own, but kicked some musical arse.
Rachel Lowrie – cue our new Love Junkies vocal superstar
Cue, new vocal dep, Rachel Lowrie. Armed with a BMus degree and a jazzy, soulful voice Rachel took on the challenge of The Love Junkies set with aplomb and gusto. It didn’t go unnoticed that the crowd were chanting her name and begging for autographs after the gig. A fantastic effort Rachel.
With the ever affable Chris, swapping his bass for the now comfortable drum stool and Andee P taking up the sub frequencies, Andy on keys and Dave on guitar were the only five piece members in their regular places. Add to this poor old Andy’s malaise from his recent brush with the medical profession and we were up against it.
No matter. We rocked… and souled… and discoed… and, you get the picture.
The venue, Stoke Place, Stoke Poges (cue ‘Stokey Poges’ comedy references in faux Scots drawl) was round at just the wrong junction of the M25. You know, that junction that is seemingly close but is actually, as proved by the lines of stationary traffic, impossible to reach. For those folk from the south, four hours in traffic was their reward.
Hence, the hassle. For once, and this is so rare, the wedding ran to time. Which unfortunately meant that we were unable to get the equipment up as quickly as we would’ve liked. So our hats off and gratitude to our newly weds Howard and Kirsty for being so chilled and understanding.
Unsure if this punctuality is now part of a new wedding trend. Hmmm, hard to tell. If so, we will pass the word around the wedding function band grapeline 😉
Not that the traffic would ever care. Hell, you just gotta hate the M25 sometimes.

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