Drunk, drunk people in the Temple(ton)

We’ve been here before – March 2007 if memory serves. Templeton, Roehampton. A Sunday night in May before the Bank Holiday. A multi roomed, multi purpose venue, good for weddings, lots of rooms with quirky nooks and crannies.

Bands get put in the Langdale room, which is for all intents a very large sitting room with a small dancefloor. Okay, but just a little too small. The sort of place to hang a 50″ Plasma on the wall if you were that way inclined.

We like the place. The staff are really friendly and looked after us perfectly. Nice meal on arrival – so many thanks all round from the band.

One of those nights though as the DJ laptop kept blue-screening. Eventually it stayed stable long enough for us to play some background music, though we did have to sell our IT souls to the devil for a fix. Chris, was able to come up trumps and deal with an impromptu request from one of the guests to sing Etta James’ ‘At Last’ for the Bride and Groom. All worked out nicely in the end – happy to oblige when we can.

The wedding couple were cool and the evening was largely great. The only thing… drink. Drink, and a little too much enthusiasm from a certain guest. It’s difficult as you don’t want to dampen spirits – it’s a party FGS – but, you know, there are times, you just think “back the hell away from my stuff, you’re drunk and you’re gonna break something, not only that but you’re making yourself look stoopid and embarassing the Bride and Groom”.

There’s enthusiasm and then there’s just plain bad behaviour. So on behalf of the band let me just say, If you really feel that it is your intractable right to grab the microphone away from the singer just as we are starting a song, sing the first few lines of ‘Shout’ by Lulu, leave your slobber all over the mic hood, whilst you knock the stand onto the floor and pull out some cables as your high heels catch in the cables going to the mixing desk from the monitor. Give plenty of attitude as you are asked nicely to remove yourself. If you feel that this is acceptable, and then also feel that you can extend this same courtesy to the guitarist, and then the bass player, then frankly… well, frankly…

The kindest thing we can say, is that we hope you had a sore head in the morning.

Not impressed.

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