‘depping, we’re ‘depping, we wanna ‘dep it wit ya

‘dep: short for Deputy, a person who steps in to take over a role or deputises for an absent or sick member.

Every now and again, for whatever reason, there’s an LJ band member who just can’t make the gig. It’s not a big issue. It’s not the end of the world. We don’t go out crying into the street, with our fists raised to the sky screaming, why, why, damn you!!? Nah. As we’re a seasoned, professional sort of band, we don’t let it faze us. We just contact the ‘dep, book ’em up and look forward to a post gig catch-up.

Photo: Outside Cambridge Cottage, clockwise The Love Junkies, Dave, Rox, Andee and Chris.
You see, every member of the band has got a ‘dep. In fact we have enough ‘deps so that the ‘deps could go out and be a band of ‘deps also. This is not actually something we ever do, but it is comforting to know. Why? Well, it means that we can fulfil all our commitments, and have contingency just in case of emergencies. A sort of plan B, C and D as this is a question clients ask us from time to time, i.e. “what happens if a band member can’t make it or is sick?”
Saturday’s gig at Cambridge Cottage (Aug 7) was unusual. There are very few gigs that Marcus the drummer can’t do. Very few. However, every now and again (and usually around this time of year) his sound engineering skills are called on for Broadstairs folk week.
Enter Chris.
Chris is our regular bass player, however he also ‘deps guitar and now… drum roll please… er, drums. This is only the second time Chris has ‘depped drums in the band. Not to worry. He is such an accomplished pro, you wouldn’t even notice. Plus, as I mentioned Marcus is off so infrequently that he doesn’t get the chance that often.
I mean, the guy’s a multi talented instrumentalist, in fact so much so that he makes us all a bit sick. After all there’s only so much talent you can take… though he’s very modest about it all. Watch out though Rox, he’ll be after your vocal duties next.
So with Chris ‘depping on drums, his normal bass role was taken by our regular bass ‘dep, Andee Price. So in effect, we went out with 2 ‘deps but 3 out of the 4 regular members. Confused? Well, happily we weren’t. And did the Bride and Groom notice? No. In fact the compliments kept coming after the night was done.
So, on behalf of the band though, well done Chris. Nicely done.

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