Late night snackage

Ah, the sweet life of a function band musician. Means you get to try all manner of late night snackage, from a plethora of vendors.

Top of the list has to be the garage. But where you used to be limited to a packet of ready salted and Mars bar from the night till, now you seem to have the entire arsenal of Marks and Spencers food output at your disposal.
Should I wish I could probably buy myself a late night hamper, set-up in the forecourt and quaff like a toff. Still, this is the modern world, and credit where credit’s due. I can now get a late night quality sandwich, rather than some stale 2-day old minging cheese affair, and that’s much appreciated.
Especially when the bride and groom have forgotten to inform the caterers that you were getting a ‘hot meal’.


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