Flip flops and Saw Doc’s

I wouldn’t say it’s been a harsh winter gig-wise but January and February have been a bit quiet on the wedding front so it was nice to get back into the swing of it again with Charlotte and John’s wedding at Brocket Hall.
For couples worried about their guests feet during dancing, here’s an idea. Provide flip flops for those ladies (and er, gents) who have had enough of the heels. Even Rozz took her shoes off half way through the gig, though I have to say given the size of the heels I marvel at the fact she can wear them in the first place.
A really nice bunch of people who enjoyed dancing all evening. We thought it a nice touch to put on some classic Irish tunes during the break, you know the Dubliners, Saw Doctors, Pogues etc. Whisky in the Jar, Irish Rover. Maybes we should start diversifying? I wouldn’t mind swapping guitar for fiddle every now and again.

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