TV Presenters, Somali Pirates and The Love Junkies

Rox meets Andy Day from CBeebies. Hero worship ensues…

Last night’s gig at Fanhams Hall in Ware was the wedding of Laura and Warren. The gig came through our singing buddy Doug Quinn. Doug is also in Speakeasy and joined us in the second set for a few tunes – we like when Doug sings with us. He has a set of lungs, but I shouldn’t really swell his head too much so I’ll leave it at that.
We were pleased to see that one of the bridesmaids was Beth from Channel Five’s Milkshake. Dave spotted her first, having kids who are at the age where Milkshake is the coolest kid’s programme around (mind you any channel that screens Peppa Pig is alright with us). That set us thinking about other weddings where we’d played to celebrities. Just a few we could remember were Derek Underwood, David Coulthard, Mark Durden-Smith, Pam St Clements and some girl from QVC. Other gigs we could remember where we’ve been the backing band to Shaun Williamson and Peter Hepplethwaite.
However, by far and away the most impressive (well in Rox’s books anyway) was a wedding where Andy Day, the CBeebies presenter was in the crowd. She just had to get her photo taken (above).
The weirdest thing on the night though came when we found out a friend’s wife’s Aunty and Uncle had just been kidnapped by Somali pirates. During the gig we found out that the ransom demand had been set at a cool $7 million. Celebrity or not, you can’t make that stuff up.

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