Nice little touches

It’s the little touches that make all the difference. Last Friday’s gig saw us back at Tewin Bury farm for the wedding of Elizabeth and Paul.

Generally when we come across something we like at a wedding, something that’s a bit out of the ordinary we like to carp on about it. This wedding had two unusual side shows.
The first – and this was something I liked particularly – was provided by the Powder Puff girls. On hand to service the needs of the female contingent of the wedding (well, mainly), freshening faces and touching up make-up to help guests back to feeling 100%. A really nice touch and something none of us had seen before. The boys liked the girls too, I shall say no more 😉
The second gimmick that caught our eye that night was the Booth Box. What that, who he, how so? Imagine if you will a photo booth, transported out of its usual seedy location and plonked into the middle of a function roon. Imagine this booth being completely free with the instruction to be used at the guests discretion.
Ah, nothing beats the old school fun of making silly faces with mates in a photo booth. And all without having to find £3 in loose change. Absolute genius.
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