Village Hall Victory

Tonight’s gig saw The Love Junkies in the depth of the Hertfordshire countryside in the (presumed) sleepy village of Ashwell. After a quick straw poll, we all agreed that we hadn’t played in a village hall for many a long year. Whilst this fact was not deemed to be hazardous to our existence as musicians, it also wasn’t through deliberate avoidance. 

And in this case, the height of the stage, the rectangularness of the room, the inbuilt lighting rig and the tabbed curtains (which must not be moved) all added to a pretty detached and aloof playing atmosphere. During the pre-show wait, we started wondering how many acting careers have been launched from the boards here? How many budding bards have let forth their Hamlets, Ian McKellen perhaps. Er, probably not. 

We also started taking more silly photos.
During the soundcheck we had confirmed the big ‘village hall’ sound. In fact we had some concerns that we might blow the village to kingdom come, whilst still only playing at half our usual volume. “It’s difficult, you know, getting the balance right” mused Marcus.

Tonight though, we were very accommodating and did a special request for the birthday boy – a Level 42 fan. We put in a few hours gratis to add the new tune to the repertoire, a tricky little ditty known by the name of “Hot Water”. Not to boast, but I will boast that this sounded good. Good enough to be added to the regular list. The not inconsiderable crowd that had gathered for Scottie’s birthday were also in fine form as we launched into the hardcore Junkies set. Dancing the night away, enjoying the band and having fun – which is all that we ask for in an audience.

After the gig was over we were greeted with enthusiasm and amazement that we’d been available to play for the birthday bash. Several kind partygoers, including hirer, Wendy were over the moon that they’d been able to find us on t’internet. Giving us all an embarrassingly but gratefully received pats-on-the-backs. 

That’s kind of what makes the internet great. So well done and thanks to Wendy, Scottie and the Ashwell villagers on taking a punt online!

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  1. I was a guest at this party. The band was fantastic and I had already asked Wendy for details as they broke into 'Take me to the River' a particular favourite.

    The lead singer's voice (sorry I don't know your name) was just incredible. A sound that I hadn't heard before amongst years of attending parties with the ubiquitous 'come on Eileen' and 'I will survive'. I might also add that because of my absolute embarrassment (yes embarrassment) at the thought of dancing to the latter, I had not strutted my stuff for many a year. All of this changed on Saturday night.

    Well done guys, you also managed to get the balance in the volume of the music right. Not too loud that old friends who met for the first time in years couldn't talk but loud enough to inspire us would be dancers to take to the floor.

    For those of you considering a 'punt on line', I can only say go for it. This band was all I would want for and I know that Wendy was delighted.

  2. Yes Barbara The Love Junkies seriously rock! Raw and edgy sound is a breath of fresh air.

    How they managed to get all their stuff on the stage I will never know. The stage is a small one and we are truly honoured that you agreed to perform on it.

    Thank you!

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