Finally, a p*** up in a Brewery

Shepherd Neame Brewery, Faversham. A rescheduled Christmas party, a perfect venue plus ‘The Love Junkies’. Certainly, there’s no shortage of beer here. In fact we’ll wager that we’d have all been able to get free top-ups all night… that is if we hadn’t had to work.

Dave opted for the Master Brew, Andee P, taking the sensible option and heading for the Spitfire. Dave was slightly disappointed and had Spitfire envy.

Again, fantastic to see a hog roast making itself available for our eating pleasure. But on to the job more pressing…

The brewery staff were in the mood to party, to which we duly obliged. We were Impressed with the spirit and friendliness of the Shepherd Neame staff and kudos to the organisers for moving the bad weather postponed party into the New Year. Not many companies would’ve done that.

The part of the brewery we played in was museum by day, so contained all manner of Shepherd Neame related paraphernalia from days gone by. Amazed to see a beautifully preserved Austin 1926 Delivery truck. Dave stored his guitar case in the back. Perfect.

Rozz was pub sign spotting. Hard not to, as the place was decorated with traditional pub signs from through the ages.

We were not disappointed to see a fair few beer bellies. If we worked there, we would be drinking the inventory too.

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