Waxing lyrical

Ah, Madame Tussauds. It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve been there and was wondering if the old place had changed at all? The answer to that as I found out was well, yes and no. The celebrities are still in force, only they’re not the same as in 1979. Well, apart from the historical figures but maybe cleaned up a little bit.

On Tuesday 27th Sept, The Love Junkies had the interesting fortune to play Tussauds. A gig through agents, Prelude. The event was a typical corporate function but in a much stranger setting. Surrounded by dignitaries from the G8, not to mention Churchill and Freddie Mercury the band set up on the main stage.
Dave was flanked by Amy Winehouse and behind by Marc Bolan, pulling a typical guitar hero pose on both knees. Rox on the other hand was getting close to Beyonce. All this in a room filled with pop icons, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue and a recycled Tom Cruisealike in the form of Gary Barlow – curious.
The weirdest thing was packing up. I remember helping to get the gear out and just having the strangest realisation that the room was entirely silent, yet eerily still populated. I for one, couldn’t wait to get out of there at that point. Nice though the gig was and the staff were! Cheers to Gemma and Marcus who were on call.
Shame old JK had been demoted to our changing room. Still nice to see the old fella again. We owe a lot to him.

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