Earlier this month The Love Junkies convened at Anchor Baby in deepest darkest Kent to shoot a new show reel. The aim of the game, to shoot a video capturing the heart of the band live, showing as informally as possible the musicianship, personality and look of the band, whilst showcasing the best new contemporary […]

Come and like our page at www.facebook.com/thelovejunkies The Love Junkies would like to thank everyone who’s helped us boost our Facebook ‘likes’ up to well over 250. This post is an acknowledgement to everyone who’s taken a few moments to like our fan page. Moreover, we wanted to explain why this is important to us. […]

Eltham Palace… is a ‘venue’. I mean, wow! It really is something else… from the bond-villain style art deco round room, to the imposing great Hall where Henry and Elizabeth probably presided over court. Last night, The Love Junkies plus performed to a ruby wedding crowd at one of London’s finest heritage sites. Souped up, turbo […]

We love a bit of a fanfare. Masters of ceremonies, trumpeters, honour guards and salutations – the works if you can provide that’d be lovely. However the best that we’ve managed so far is to have the Tower of London drawbridge raised for our benefit. On that occasion we were performing on the Dixie Queen, […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, after many successful years of performing Disco, Motown, Funk and Soul, the Love Junkies are pleased to announce their plans for the future. . . . . MOre DiscO! MoRe moToWn! MORe FuNk and even MORE SOuL!! But in addition ….. drum roll please …. we have decided to move firmly into […]