The first website we produced for The Love Junkies was back in 2002. It was a small affair which fitted nicely into a 640×480 pixel screen. It was red, had a nice logo and got to the point. The point of course, that we are a great band who should be hired by you – the […]

We’re pleased to announce a new relationship with agents ‘Love Live Music’. Our first gig for the agency, run by Sally Freeman was on Saturday night at the Merchant Taylors school. The gig was a fund raiser and dinner for the Scrummers, Rugby Club.

It’s the little touches that make all the difference. Last Friday’s gig saw us back at Tewin Bury farm for the wedding of Elizabeth and Paul. Generally when we come across something we like at a wedding, something that’s a bit out of the ordinary we like to carp on about it. This wedding had […]

Ah, Madame Tussauds. It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve been there and was wondering if the old place had changed at all? The answer to that as I found out was well, yes and no. The celebrities are still in force, only they’re not the same as in 1979. Well, apart from the historical figures […]

Sometimes, articles just speak for themselves. If the wedding’s over-running by an hour, the band happen to be twiddling their thumbs and are holed up in a changing room, they might just get creative…or likely, just start fooling about a little. *The Love Junkies would like to make it clear that no hats were harmed […]

The Love Junkies play High Rocks Hotel, Sun 13th Sept 2009 As Sunday weddings go, this one was pretty darn good. The venue, High Rocks hotel, Tunbridge Wells was a suitably fine hotel. Absolutely lovely setting, over three floors, with a steam train to boot to take the guests round on a jolly (albeit in […]

So, you’ve driven for three hours, set up your equipment, sound checked, dressed, done two sets, and are just about to pack up the gear and drive home when you hear the immortal words “…my mate plays guitar, let ‘im ‘ave a go.“ In very few other walks of life would you ever hear a […]

Weddings. There is always a plan. Timings are mapped out for the main events with everything considered, from the post ceremony drinks to the cutting of the cake; e.g. “Evening guests arrive at 7.28pm, the bride and groom are introduced for their first dance at 7.35pm, then the band at 7.39pm…” But excuse us for a […]