Approaching my 40th birthday this year, I have become strangely obsessed with certain things I have always found odd. Spending long hours on motorways usually late at night/ early morning, the brain has an amazing tendency to run wild. In fact, mine is often a cascading torrent of mainly useless pondering. These free thinking ponderous […]

Well it finally happened. After seven years of introducing the Bride and Groom onto the dance floor for their first dance, Dave got a name wrong. In this case, the misdemeanour was to call the groom James instead of Justin. So please, watch out for it on, with angles from three different cameras all […]

Ah, the sweet life of a function band musician. Means you get to try all manner of late night snackage, from a plethora of vendors. Top of the list has to be the garage. But where you used to be limited to a packet of ready salted and Mars bar from the night till, now […]