It’s the little touches that make all the difference. Last Friday’s gig saw us back at Tewin Bury farm for the wedding of Elizabeth and Paul. Generally when we come across something we like at a wedding, something that’s a bit out of the ordinary we like to carp on about it. This wedding had […]

So, you’ve driven for three hours, set up your equipment, sound checked, dressed, done two sets, and are just about to pack up the gear and drive home when you hear the immortal words “…my mate plays guitar, let ‘im ‘ave a go.“ In very few other walks of life would you ever hear a […]

Approaching my 40th birthday this year, I have become strangely obsessed with certain things I have always found odd. Spending long hours on motorways usually late at night/ early morning, the brain has an amazing tendency to run wild. In fact, mine is often a cascading torrent of mainly useless pondering. These free thinking ponderous […]

Ah, the sweet life of a function band musician. Means you get to try all manner of late night snackage, from a plethora of vendors. Top of the list has to be the garage. But where you used to be limited to a packet of ready salted and Mars bar from the night till, now […]